London-based punk band Dream Wife sets the standards high with their debut self titled album Dream WifeThe group formed in 2014 at Brighton University as a performance for their art school. They wrote their own music and performed in many areas, solidifying themselves a future in music.

Dream Wife’s debut album consists of eleven songs in total each song ranging from two to three minutes long in length. The first song on the album is “Let’s Make Out”. “Let’s Make Out” is a second favorite because when you listen to the song, the song will make you feel young at heart, alive and free. The song is guaranteed to make you want to get up and dance. I mean come on, tell me you can’t picture yourself at a party or dancing around to this song in your house.

A personal favorite is “Love Without Reason”. In “Love Without Reason”, Dream Wife explores their feelings while also trying not to question how they feel at the same time. The song gives its listeners desire and ambition to love without question.

“Somebody” is the second song from Dream Wife’s album and is a song for women. The song is about women learning to love their bodies. “Somebody” is about women reclaiming themselves, as not just a body but, as a person. The songs shows what it is like to be a woman in society and women coming back to redeem themselves, showing the world that women are people and not objects.

Other songs on the album include “Kids”, “Hey Heartbreaker”, “Taste”, “Act My Age”, “Right Now”, “F.U.U.”, “Right Now”, “Spend The Night”, and “Fire”. The album is lively with many songs that are guaranteed to make the listener feel good.

Dream Wife’s self titled album Dream Wife is set to be released Friday January 26th. In the meantime be sure to check out other songs from this trio, you will not regret it. Keep up with Dream Wife here.

Jai'Tyria Hatton