As we patiently (not so patiently) await the release of americana/rock/country artist Dom Wier‘s energetic new four track EP titled New Waters to properly celebrate the new year, we’ve actually got a fun little playlist to share with you. Curated by the man himself, it is full to the brim of beauty and inspiration from some of the most incredible musicians of all time. So settle in, and enjoy some of the finer things as you stay as comfy cozy as you can! (Indoors, hopefully.)

I’ve always been fascinated with songwriting.  A great song is a great song no matter the genre, as they say.  Here are some songs that have cut straight to the core for me.  Things I listened to growing up, some new jams from some awesome tunesmiths and maybe a guilty pleasure or two.

New Waters is out January 19th. Keep up with Dom Wier on Facebook, Instagram, and at

Meredith Schneider