Disco Shrine’s “Up in the Air” grooves hard with a catchy synthesizer/drum mix making it the quintessential song to add to any party or road trip playlist. The uplifting fluidity of the instrumental makes this the kind of song you want to swim in. It’s easy to get caught up in the energetic, electronic beat and disregard the lyrics when a song has such a free-flowing, feel-good vibe. However, the alluringly crafted lyrics of “Up in the Air” invoke the desire to delve deeper into what Jessica Delijani, the mind behind Disco Shrine, is saying.

“Up in the Air” depicts the struggle Delijani’s parents faced immigrating to America from Iran during the 1970s Iranian Revolution.

Delijani beautifully describes the song saying, “’Up in the Air’ paints a picture of them literally on their plane ride over to America, leaving the past behind and looking toward the future.” She continues to explain the symbolism behind the phrase “up in the air” and how it relates to the feelings of uncertainty and unexpectedness her parents were facing by uprooting their lives at the time.

Not only is this song rhythmically appealing with brilliant lyricism, but it also effortlessly and impeccably reflects the current situation in the United States.

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Katie Pugh