tick.tick.tick. Begins the all new, totally thrilling and haunting new single from young budding artist, Devin Kennedy, “Waste of Time.” Not only does the start of this new single leave the listener hanging on every beat, but there is so much raw power behind  Kennedy’s vocals that it is nearly impossible to do anything else besides be captured by his perfectly crafted rhythm and skill. Although we have yet to see Kennedy release a full length album, he has released several singles and a successful EP, Love Language that has helped him gain his rapidly growing international popularity. In fact, without any promotion, “Call Me Back”–included in the aforementioned EP–racked up over 65K+ streams since its release in January.

Following the well crafted soundscapes that he has laid down in the past, Kennedy continues to hone in on his singer/songwriter skills to produce yet another thrilling single. Despite the fact that it has only been out for a short amount of time this single has reached 24k streams–a number which continues to grow with the passing hours. Within the fabric of this track, there is so much depth, but at the same time, raw, undiluted talent that allows the vocal skill to really shine through. Apart from ket synth loops and instrumentals, the highlight of this single really falls on Kennedy’s ability to relay emotion and vocal integrity to his audience. As time continues to pass, fans are looking forward to more and more work from this promising artist.

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Madison Blom