Throughout her career, Delaire has done more that just inspire her listeners and fans with her music. With the help of several organizations, she has strived to inspire young adults, specifically women, to break into music and not feel pressured to conform with industry expectations. This singer songwriter has done the exact same within her own career and has not only gathered a rather extensive fan group, but has also changed the way that critics look at modern soul/R&B music. After finding success in 2017, Delaire has hit the new year with new releases that have propelled her forward in the music community. It has been mentioned by several notable writers that not only do her lyrics speak truth and honesty, but the quality of her music is rare among artists at her level. No doubt this will only bring her closer to what she sees as her end goal.

One of her newest releases is her single, “You Boy,” which was a team effort between Delaire and Grammy award winning Liam Nolan who is noted for his work on international star Adele’s “Hello.” This single is a perfect embodiment of what Delaire teaches young girls who are interested in pursuing a career in music. It is unique and sheds new light on the integrity and views of the artist. It is clear that so much passion was interlaced with the music that Delaire has release which will only bring her success and propel her forward in the new year.

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Madison Blom