Deerhoof has released their new song “Farewell’ Symphony”. The single precedes the release of the group’s forthcoming album Future Teenage Cave Artists. The song’s inspiration is as ambitious as the track itself, with the video (edited by Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier) featuring a supercut of six performances of the final movement of Franz Joseph Haydn’s “Farewell’ Symphony”.

Of the Deerhoof original, Saunier says: “Just imagine if all the living things that’ve been done in by capitalism could reunite for one big final bow! All the extinct cool underground music scenes, all the extinct species of plants and animals, all the extinct arts and educational and political systems that were meant to help people…they’d all be there!” The song itself is a magical ride of controlled chaos; under different guidance the gritty guitar, clanging drums, and singer Satomi Matsuzaki’s vocals might be overwhelming, but under Deerhoof’s watchful eye it’s the perfect storm.

“Farewell’ Symphony” is available on all streaming platforms and Future Teenage Cave Artists is due to release May 29th via Joyful Noise Recordings.

Madi Toman