New Jersey band Deal Casino’s latest single is cool and crazy and presents the band’s ability to diversify their sound. Before listening to the track, the title led me to believe that this would be a romantic ballad about an unrequited love for a beautiful girl with blonde hair. But, the grating instrumentals and twisted lyrics said otherwise. Speaking of the lyrics, they are quite jarring. They tend to paint a detailed and gruesome picture. The song opens up with a bit of gore:
I’m a dead animal.
You’re used to seeing my guts.
“You see me lying on the street,
Just drive right over me,
While you’re putting on your makeup.”
The opening, as well as some of the other verses in the song, are spoken rather than sung, showing a contrast that results in a layered track with a unique vibe that still feels like a solid and cohesive track. “French Blonde” has shown that Deal Casino is the real deal when it comes to a band that can showcase their talent in the coolest of ways, and that way is gritty pop-rock.

Be sure to check out Deal Casino’s upcoming full-length album “LLC,” which is due out soon. Keep up with them here.
Karina Marquez

Karina Marquez

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