As we slug through the final week of 2017, we might find it more fulfilling to be sitting by the fire instead of working or doing really anything productive. But it’s those cozy nights that can lead to some of the most magical ideas. So we implore you to add “Another Log On The Fire” like our good friends the Darcys, and see what comes from the warmth and fire inside you as you prep for 2018.

All metaphors aside, Canada’s pop/rock duo Darcys – comprised of Jason Couse & Wes Marskell – has been on our radar for a hot second, and we’re thrilled that they released a song to go along with our holiday mood. Bringing a crawling, beautiful, soulful vibe to the holidays, “Another Log On The Fire” just might be your new favorite wintertime track. Try it on for size. You might find it on repeat for a while…

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Meredith Schneider