Anthony Louderback is a Kansas City based hip-hop artist that fuzes smooth beats with lyrics to match. Operating as a musical duo under the moniker Danza, the music is produced by Casey Faircloth, who provides Louderback with an amazing base to lay his lines on.  There is something about Danza‘s flow and laid back attitude that is very intriguing, and this is all present on the debut LP Danza Special.

Introspective raps with an almost jazz like feel are present throughout the seven song LP.  The beats are hard, yet smooth at the same time, this allows Louderback’s rhymes to be at the forefront.  Much of today’s hip-hop struggles with the songs being too beat heavy, meaning that the bass covers up the artists actual rapping ability.  Danza has come up with the perfect mixture, resembling what hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang used to do a couple of years ago.  With jazz and alternative influences, Danza is a stand out in the hip-hop community, not to mention the fact that he took the time to include a reference to Skeeter Valentine from Doug.  This LP is special, and hopefully Danza pushes along with this kind of material in the future.

For more information about Danza and their upcoming projects, you can visit their Facebook page.  You can also listen to their music on Soundcloud.

Ian Schneider