Dana Lynn Hobson and Daniel Wolf of Dana and the Wolf have dropped a brand new track, “Got Me Poly”. A polyamorous couple of over a decade, they have recently started working as musical partners as well, testing boundaries and in this single, share their thoughts on polyamory. Daniel was a classically trained musician, and Dana has much different musical taste than him, so their project together is very much a melding of their styles. Says Dana of the track: “As open minded as people seem these days, there’s still so much prejudice towards people with multiple lovers. I don’t want it to sound like I’ll f*** anyone. I have a big heart. I don’t see the benefit in closing it off to certain people I meet in my life.” A thoroughly modern single, “Got Me Poly” provides Dana and Daniel’s opinions on their romantic lifestyle, poking fun at monogamy and traditionalism. Laced with tenacious instrumentals, unapologetic lyrics, and sultry vocals, Dana and the Wolf brings something new to the table with this track. Their previous singles “Attitude” and “Him” have been making waves as well. 

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