Courtship. recently released their debut album, Denial in Paradise.  I had the pleasure of being acquainted with Courtship. earlier this month as I interviewed them.  It was then that I fell in love with the first single off their album, titled “The Kind of Woman.”  I was lucky enough to have a chance to listen to all of Denial in Paradise, an album where the tracks flow effortlessly to create a one-of-a-kind pop sound.  “The Kind of Woman” is just the start and enters with a groovy 70’s feel.  Courtship. sings  “…the kind of woman I want to be with, you know I’m going to put a gold plated watch on her wrist,” on their idea of the ideal woman.  The track even incorporates French.  Listening to it made me feel like “the kind of woman.”

Following up “That Kind of Woman” is “Nice Guy.”  The infectious track has Courtship. and me wondering as they sing “Why is it so hard to be a nice guy?/Could have had a nice life, friendlessness could never stop…I can’t even fake a smile,” Courtship. declares.  “Nice Guy” is the perfect anthem not just for guys, but for a world that struggles to be nice from time to time.  “Nice Guy” isn’t as somber as it sounds, the song stays upbeat with its synth and funky sounds.

“Perfect People” has a different, misunderstood and creepy feel to it.  The vocals are emphasized here and Courtship. makes another great point “We’d do anything just to be perfect people, blonde and beautiful on the beach.”  They are not far off, candidly calling out the societal pressures to look, be, and have “perfect things.”  “Live! with D+J” remains the quirkiest track.  The track is only 34 seconds long, but samples the band as if they were on a radio station with a DJ.  It give the pop album a unique twist.  Of course Denial in Paradise is more than just Courtship.’s latest album; it is an array of feel good, wind in your hair, summer night, love sick anthems.

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Abby Trapp