Canada based COTIS just released his latest single, a track titled “Phone Light Up”.  “Phone Light Up” takes a look at relationships in the modern era of technology and how to play by those rules.  “We living it up, not playing it safe, I give and I take; give me some space,” COTIS preaches on “Phone Light Up.”  COTIS goes further into it on the chorus, stating: “Yet baby tell me what’s come over you, your phone light up.”  Aside from the amazing writing, “Phone Light Up” intermingles classic pop with with urban hip-hop and R&B beats.  The track flows effortlessly and has a real message – “Why are there so many rules to this game and does it really even matter?”  A true “I said, she said” track, COTIS’ “Phone Light Up” is something that you can play over and over again.

Abby Trapp