Up-and-coming artist Colin Magalong has set the stage for what he has in store for his fans with new release, “Blossom.” Not only does it have everything that you would need to get you moving, but it is also what fans want when they think of electro dance music. Inspired by music legends MJ and Daft Punk “Blossom,” is a strong beginning for Magalong. Some have described the new track as “effortless,” and “entertaining,” which are both positive reviews from some of the most important critics. The song has a contagious energy that listeners are not likely to forget anytime soon. Hopefully, the success of this new song will propel Colin Magalong into the career that he has dreamed of.

As a budding artist, Magalong grew up on the San Francisco peninsula where he was surrounded by music and sounds that inspired him from a young age. Later on, after moving down to LA Colin signed with a producer that has high hopes for him. Together, they hope to take this artist to a new level and are encouraging fans to hop on the bandwagon now to be sure to be involved with all of their new releases.

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Madison Blom