New York City-based composer Coleman Zurkowski, who just signed to Dangerbird Records, is preparing to release a video for “4” off the album Arthur King Presents Coleman Zurkowski – ZERO. L.A.’s Arthur King & the Night Sea is putting a set of music releases, including pairing with composer Coleman Zurkowski for ZERO. Says Zurkowski of ZERO: ZERO is an exploration of the physical and emotional effects of binaural/isochronic rhythms which are gradually slowing into silence.” In addition to creative work of his own, Zurkowski has also composed for commercials and shows.

The video for “4” combines layered, nostalgic, and rather trippy images with some haunting instrumentals, creating an intriguing and almost foreboding visual and aural experience. The pairing of the experimental composer with a psychedelic band makes for a video like no other. 

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Veronica DeFeo