As if the double entendre of the title of singer/songwriter Cody Melville‘s impressive tenth album isn’t enough, he has birthed a genre-hopping, robust work of art to support it. Gliding from a sound that could easily have been inspired by Bruce Springsteen, to more twangy, country-inspired compositions, to soulful ballads and beyond, Melville has somehow managed to capture an entire lifetime’s worth of styles and energies in just one release. Bonds Eye might not be officially available until tomorrow, but for now we have the honor of hosting a streaming premiere of the 10 track release in its entirety. So make the right choice, and get lost in the breathtaking complexity of it Melville’s latest.

Bonds Eye is out December 8th, and the rest of his catalog is available on Bandcamp. Keep up with Cody Melville here.

Meredith Schneider