After nearly a decade since his last release, Clint Michigan has just released his brand new LP, Centuries. Following several difficult years struggling with sobriety and other issues, Clint Michigan (irl Clint Asay) is back and better than ever. Clint Michigan has displays the strength he possesses and the difficulties he has faced since 2009’s Hawthorne To Hennepin.

“Knickerbocker Street” starts off Centuries with a mellow, and emotional folk-pop track, highlighted some well-composed guitar playing and vocal harmonies.
Next up is “Beg for It”, a hauntingly beautiful track that follows up “Knickerbocker Street” in the perfect manner, alternating soft, nostalgic vocals with an irresistible, off-kilter beat.

“Steven Says” follows “Beg for It”, starting off with the trademark guitar playing that makes Centuries so excellent. Bringing in some violin towards the second half of the song, “Steven Says” explores many of the issues and despair that we face.
“The Way Out” will give you goosebumps from its astonishingly beautiful piano intro to its touching lyrics. Filled with a childlike, yet adult sound, this song is truly a treat.
“Centuries”, the title track of the record, is found in the middle of the album, and invites the reader along a nostalgic sonic journey. You won’t be able to help looking back on your own life as this track plays.

“Tired of Being Kind” is a unique track that lends itself more the folk side of Clint Michigan’s sound. Relevant and honest, “Tired of Being Kind” voices what many of us have on our minds but never say. “Shirt Off” muses on some memories of growing up as well as the present, again including some excellent instrumentation. “Eager to Leave”, the penultimate track on Centuries, takes a look at some of the stupidity of modern experiences (like unnecessarily taking pictures of our food before we eat it) through a timeless sound.

Appropriately, “That Is All, That Is It” closes out Centuries, along a simple beat that gradually brings in more instruments. When the piano and bass come in about 1:00 into the song, this song really gets going, creating the bittersweet goodbye of the record.

Centuries is truly a beautiful record. Check it out today.

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Veronica DeFeo