If you’re looking for some easy listening with a lot of rough, beautiful attitude in the vocals, then Brooklyn-native and soul/americana/rock artist Christina LaRocca‘s “Child Of The Sun” might be your new thing. The singer is just about to return home from a pretty extensive fall tour, and we’re sure she’s ready for a little R&R. But we’re kind of ready to play her on repeat, so we hope she’s ready to tour again in the near future.

An intensely specific track, LaRocca audibly connects to nature and finds solace in beautiful outdoor atmospheres, such as the beach. You can tell she is strongly connected to her own roots, as she begins to spread her wings across the United States to bring her (long overdue) talent to the masses. As the “sound of [her] heart beats like a drum,” we’re nodding our heads along to that same beat, wishing desperately that we could maintain that same type of smooth/raspy balance in our own vocals. (Because belting it out in the car is an acceptable performance tactic.)

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Meredith Schneider