From the very first, crystal-like lines of “Intro”, to the very last vibrations of bass in ninth track “Empress”, London-based electro-pop duo Cherryade has brought us a ginormous party in the form of their mini EP Fractured Fairytales. And the artists are incredibly aware of how sticky sweet everything is. admits vocalist Ellla: “Fractured Fairytales is what it says in the name – it’s a bunch of songs that are really twisted and over the top and fun. They’re stories, and they’re a good representation of us and who we are, we like things with a bitter twist and that cross the line”. Alex continues,”We’ve got so much music we’re ready to release after this mini album, and it’s a lot more pop, but to the point it’s so sweet it’ll rot your teeth”.

“Fractured Fairytales” is catchy as all get out, though there is no doubt that it is a party track. In fact, most of the album follows suit, with hard hooks and an upbeat tempo. The feel to it all is very “Halloween rave,” which we are 100% here for seeing as we’re zeroing in on autumn right now. (Hello, September!) “Get By” has that same repetitive, fun disposition as its predecessor, and while “Got You Good” feels more earthy than the others, it still has that fast, intense tempo and danceable rhythm you can burn calories to. Though “Blah Blah” won’t necessarily replace Ke$ha’s similarly named track, it holds a place close in our hearts next to it.

If you’re hometown loyal, “My Town” could be your next favorite track. With a slightly calmer vibe, “The Crown” comes in boasting a more regal overall feel. “Houdini” will make you want to drop it pretty quickly, while “Empress” will put you in the right frame of mind to go into the rest of your day feeling like hot shit.

We’re serious. Try it on for size.

Fractured Fairytales mini album tracklisting
1. Intro
2. Fractured Fairytales
3. Get By
4. Got You Good
5. Blah Blah
6. My Town
7. The Crown
8. Houdini
9. Empress

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Meredith Schneider