Nashville pop sensation Chelsea Lankes debuts a mood shift with her latest single, “Easy.” Lankes, who previously composed a variety of downhearted anthems is expressing a different set of emotions in her newest song. The musical shift follows a significant life event for the “Easy” singer; a wedding. The newlywed describes the song saying, “It’s a song about being able to be 100% true to who you are and willing the right person in your life.”
“Easy” depicts a blissful story of a beautiful, easy love. The song features a catchy pop tune, driving synthesized beat, dreamy instrumental, and captivating lyrics. The song emanates genuine feelings of being at peace in a relationship, a dramatic turn from Lankes previous breakup songs. The melody possess an ethereal, positive sound that’s guaranteed to put listeners into a sunnier, more hopeful mood.

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Katie Pugh

Katie Pugh

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