Singer-songwriter Cayley Thomas has just released “Blue Jean Baby”, the newest single from her upcoming album How Else Can I Tell You?,  a “collection of songs that reflect upon a period of subconscious overwhelm and the subsequent shift into conscious thought and awareness”.

Before any lyrics are even heard, the track feels romantic. The guitars are hopeful and the drums seem as though they could be keeping time to a heartbeat, and that’s all before Thomas even opens her mouth. As soon as she does, the transportation to another time is inevitable; you’re wrapped up in her world in the first thirty seconds.

Echoing harmonies and dreamy bass pull the listener into the warm and hazy fever dream of the land that Thomas’ music lives in, a land almost as enticing as her purely enchanting vocals themselves. Despite the simplicity of it all, Thomas quickly and smoothly draws her audience in with ringing guitars and hypnotic production from another time and traps them in her honey-drenched web, and she doesn’t release her grip until it’s all over. The instrumentation takes its time for the first two-and-a-half minutes of the track, but perfection cannot be rushed, and the build is slow and sweet. It’s impossible to hear Thomas and not think of Lana del Ray, and not just because of their similar affinity for men in blue jeans; the singers share that sweetly monotonous quality in their voice that’s just so damn charming in a cool, detached sort of way.

How Else Can I Tell You? premiers November 21st, 2020. Keep up with Cayley here.

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