ovtlier, “bang your head”

ovtlier, “bang your head”

Theses songs shaped my love for many levels of rock and metal. Continuously bringing me back to my roots and defining me as a musician. Reminding me why i love playing music and what its all about.
Kept my feet tapping and my head bobbing. These are nostalgia to me.

Deftones – Nose Bleed
Korn – Blind
Orgy – Stitches
Slipknot – People Equal Shit
Ovtlier – Vice
Powerman 5000 – When Worlds Colide
Static X – Push It
Periphery – The Parade Of Ashes
My Ticket Home – Hot Soap
Papa Roach – Infest
The Finalist – Leave The Broken Hearts Behind
Novelists – Voyager
Blindside – Pitiful
Deftones – My Own Summer
Rammstein – Buck Dich
Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
Emmure – Shinjuku Masterlord
Limp Bizkit – Nookie
Eighteen Visions – Tower Of Snakes
Atreyu – Right Side Of The Bed
Ovtlier – Buried Me Alive
Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People
Rob Zombie – Demonoid Phenomenon
Korn – Good God
Slipknot – Wait And Bleed
The Dillinger Escape Plan – 43% Burnt
The Human Abstract – Vela, Together We Await The Storm
Between The Buried And Me – The Primer
Every Time I Die – Ebolarama
Norma Jean – Charactarantula : Talking to you and the Intake of Glass


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krantz shares “60sdelic” soundtrack

krantz shares “60sdelic” soundtrack

Krantz is a group of heathens from all over the US who congregated to Nashville, and teamed up to make a melodious sound. Check out their newest single, “Run Away With Me” off their upcoming EP, The Pennock Tapes.
This is a playlist of what I think would be playing if you turned on pop radio back in the mid-late 60’s, as you’re sitting in Golden Gate Park smoking a doobie. Having not been alive at the time, I obviously can’t say, but it’s a bunch of rad tunes by some of my favorite artists from my favorite era in music as things were starting to get psychedelic. Tune in and turn on man….

Also, check their site www.krantzmusic.com for upcoming dates as they hit the road this spring. Dare ya to not sing along.
corina corina’s music to drannnk to

corina corina’s music to drannnk to

Since I am gearing up to release an album called Hangover Music, I decided it was only right to put together a playlist of songs about alcohol by some of my favorite drinkin’ artists (and a few by me!)

Like “Hangover Music,” this multi-genre collection of songs explores all the facets of the relationship between artist and booze: the fun times, the dark times, the messy times and the head-pounding hangovers. Alcohol doesn’t always make for a productive next morning but it sure makes a damn good song!

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ascending dawn, “choosing prog-style melodic metal/rock”

ascending dawn, “choosing prog-style melodic metal/rock”

Progressive metal/hard rock genre is always considered to be very niche and always about screaming vocals, and I have always believed otherwise. I feel that it should expand to many ears. It has everything! So I came up with this list to show what I consider are the best qualities of this glorious modern sound. Heavy riffs, melodies, complex rhythms, hooks, amazing production….Would love to know how people feel about this genre after listening to some of these bands. all of these bands have influenced our writing in some way.

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gus mcarthur, “headbanger christmas”

gus mcarthur, “headbanger christmas”

So remember how the internet used to be the most righteous place? Well, sometimes inboxes get crowded – or worse, your inbox flags your friends as spam. Our friends Gus McArthur created such a badass playlist for us many moons ago, and we’re just now able to see it. So if you could forgive us for our massive mistake for just a moment, you’ll begin to see a pretty amazing theme throughout this “Christmas” playlist. If you’re in, we’re in.

Says the band about the playlist:

When you need energy and excitement from all the sappy Christmas music and just want to head bang the day away. On December 24th, 1988 Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde hosted a special Christmas edition of the Headbangers’ Ball featuring some of the top artists in rock and heavy Metal. This is our 2017 homage to Ozzy and Zakk, this time its just Honan and Gus, but we tried to be as diverse in selection as they were or MTV made them be by picking the songs. We highly recommend watching the episode, its kind of hilarious.

Fight fire with fire – Metallica
Mein teil – Rammstein
Ijime dame zettai – BABYMETAL
Holy wars – Megadeth
Ghost of war – Slayer
The faded line – Lamb Of God
Psychosocial – Slipknot
Battery – Metallica
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jackie venson’s untamed musical taste

jackie venson’s untamed musical taste

Folks always ask me ‘what do you listen to Jackie?’ and I can never answer their question. I don’t believe in genres, I believe in great music and I think confining oneself to playing or listening to only one genre is dooming oneself to a life of monotony. Here is my super random playlist of songs I love that I have listened to all throughout my life.

africa – toto
come around – marc broussard
maggot brain – funkadelic
multiply – jamie lidell
soul rebel – bob marley
shade of a shadow – teitur
addicted – amy winehouse
unthinkable – alicia keys
defying gravity – Wicked
young blood – the naked and famous
to zion – lauryn hill
retrograde – james blake
waltz between eva and che – Evita

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