flogging molly @ voodoo lounge

flogging molly @ voodoo lounge

On March 12th, Flogging Molly made another incredibly memorable performance on stage at Harrah’s VooDoo Lounge in Kansas City, MO. The room was decked out in pageboy hats, green threads, and so much beer as we rang in the beginning of St. Patrick’s Week with our favorite Irish drinking music.

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the fur. @ sxsw

the fur. @ sxsw

Rising Taiwanese act The Fur. enjoyed galavanting around SXSW 2019. We know this because they shared a brief glimpse of the experience with us. Check out the view from their lens below, then head over to take a listen to their debut album Town.

“Yes, we are so happy to play at SXSW.”

We got hair done at artist lounge and felt cool and ready to be on stage.


Ren made a new friend.

Zero is at Walmart.

We saw someone wearing the same shirt as Ren’s, so took a secret photo with him. Nobody noticed.

It’s challenging to finish a stage setting within a short period of time at B.D. Riley’s. We yelled at each other in Mandarin and moved so quickly to get the change-over done as fast as possible. It’s so much fun to recall how we did the show.

We shopped at a toy store. How we wish to bring all the Rick and Morty toys back to Taiwan but we can’t.

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flor @ truman

flor @ truman

On Saturday, March 9th, the illustrious Flor opened for Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness at the Truman in Kansas City, MO. The city welcomed them back like old friends, as they explained how the city had accepted them so graciously during their first performance at that venue last year. Their soundscape is magical, and the feeling in the room as they performed was no different. Here are a selection of our favorites – unedited – so you can experience some of that energy.

P.S. If you haven’t seen them live, then you haven’t experienced the electricity of “Warm Blood” the way it was meant to be enjoyed

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upsahl @ riot room

upsahl @ riot room

If you haven’t witnessed UPSAHL live, now is the perfect time. This female act is about to be major, and if her recorded music is not already any indication of that, then her live performance is absolute proof. And we couldn’t have thought of anyone better to open Max Frost’s show at The Riot Room on Monday, March 11th.

Rolling through . And during “All My Friends Are Rich”, you could tell the entire crowd was identifying with the lyrics in some way or another. (Hi. Yes. “Now where in the hell is my money?”) In fact, we were thrilled to see her perform any of the tracks off of her new Hindsight 20/20 EP, as it is such a vulnerable and theatrical work of art. Lucky us, UPSAHL’s vocals are just as raspy and enticing in real life as they are recorded, so her entire performance felt as though we were inside the EP itself. Not to mention, “Drugs” gave us all the confidence.

We walked away from that set to the bar like the badasses we had always dreamt of being, and we owe it all to an evening of fun with UPSAHL.

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