jean ryden’s new video for “parallel universe” is heartbreaking and impactful

jean ryden’s new video for “parallel universe” is heartbreaking and impactful

In Jean Ryden’s music video for her song “Parallel Universe”, Jean desperately wants the trauma of losing her parents to have never occurred. In the beginning of the song, she replays images of her parents in her mind in black and white, because her past is like an old movie; the happy moments with her parents are covered with feelings of dread. All the color has been depleted from her memories because new movies are symbolic of new, happy memories with her parents being formed. In comparison, the old movies symbolize her happy memories as only in the past

Jean lays in her bed and leans her head to the side, which reflects when she would lean on her parents for support. She is alone in the bed because after her parents passed away, she felt alone and like she had nobody to lean on for support. The camera zooms in on a close-up image of her eyes while she lays in her bed because her eyes are her pathway to all of the loneliness she feels inside. 

Color film of a garden with beautiful roses of different shades and a white bird flying above it is representative of her healing from her grief and finding peace. To elaborate, the bird symbolizes her flying because she is freeing herself from the black and white space of her grief. 

Images lasting for a few seconds, all of her memories can never be remembered in complete detail, but the most important details remain engraved. The colored images represent her purely happy memories, the black and white images are symbolic of her memories remembered in sadness or trigger her grief, and the partially colored images are memories she is remembering to heal from her grief and sadness.

The same image of her alone, opening and closing her eyes, leaning her head against a wall, in a vacant room, occurring for a few seconds, repeatedly, shows her constant despair. She shuts off all of her memories with or of her parents because she goes into a state of depression, which she is constantly battling to escape from. 

The video ends with her sitting in a dark room with candles and a black sky lit with bright stars. Images are played in quick seconds against Jean’s soft, melodic voice, which has a deeply sad tone on its edges along with hints of desperation. Her voice also has another tone, that feels like she is going through feelings of clarity. 

Once she repeats her memories filled with many different emotions, she must admit that the reality is her parents are in heaven. Therefore, her memories are a “parallel universe.”

thorslund’s new video for “firecracker man” matches the song’s funky and fun flare

thorslund’s new video for “firecracker man” matches the song’s funky and fun flare

The electric guitar starts the song “Firecracker Man” by Thorslund with feelings of anticipation about what sounds, harmonies, and lyrics will be electrified. The pulsing sounds of the drums speed up the tempo with their steady beats and sudden rapid beats in between. 

Our protagonist has kept his energetic and fun spirit hidden but now he is ready to take his dancing shoes out of his pocket. With these, he is a charming man who is confident to show everyone his expressive personality. The dance is a form of expression. The shoes are a metaphor for him taking the dancing steps to express himself to people he meets. Thus, he is no longer waiting to be a firecracker man; a man who charms people with his personality and makes everyone he sees smile. He now is going to be a firecracker man! 

He is tired of pretending to not be the spotlight of the dance floor as in the past, he dominated the dance floor. Once he stopped dancing, he lost his self-confidence to reveal his charming personality. He felt ordinary because he lost his will to dance, which made him feel extraordinary and unique, as implied by the description of his dancing as “funky.” 

He associates wealth with his charming personality. He always imagined that his charming personality and superior dancing skills would make him wealthy. As he continued toward his goals, he kept losing his confidence. But now a surge of energy is careening through him to dance his way to wealth and the recognition he craves from everyone he meets. 

He not only wants to uplift himself, but he also yearns to uplift the people he meets who will be supportive of him. He will teach them to dance so well, that their incredible, funky dance moves will not be an illusion, but a reality!

The video itself is an edgy, fun display of Thorslund’s live performance chops. Check it out below!

set off on a rock-fueled, candy-coated adventure with connor mclaren’s “candy rain” music video

set off on a rock-fueled, candy-coated adventure with connor mclaren’s “candy rain” music video

If you have yet to happen upon the immense talents of Connor McLaren, now is your chance. The Indianapolis-based musician just released his first full-length with the indelible Ben Kweller’s label The Noise Company. Today, we get to peep the music video for the single “Candy Rain.”

A casual, meandering pace opens the track as we delve into the love story that is “Candy Rain.” While his romantic interest is metaphorically compared to this tasty concept, momentum builds and instrumentals are layered. The song becomes more of a quintessential rock ballad than originally expected, with a hint of grunge/surf rock influence in the whirring guitars. McLaren’s voice has the same appeal as your favorite 90’s crooners, giving all of his music what seems to be an unintentional – but completely genuine – layer of added nostalgia.

By the song alone, it is quite obvious that McLaren’s musicianship and professionalism far surpass the expectations normally associated with his ripe age of 21. But diving into the music video is a whole other treat. (See what we did there?)

The artist takes an artful approach to this visual release, with isolated color palettes dancing around his shadow profile in some frames, playing with natural elements like the textures in mother nature and the sun in others. Shots of the curly-haired crooner performing in earnest, surrounded by bubbles. Then covered in paint. Then avoiding a literal candy downpour under an umbrella.

The video is a kaleidoscope dream you won’t soon forget.

August 17 – New York, NY – The Footlight
August 26 – Normal, IL – House Show
August 31 – Bloomington, IN – The Atrium
September 2 – Cleveland, OH – Mahall’s Apartment
September 9 – West Lafayette, IN – House Show
September 12 – Nashville, TN – The Basement East
September 14 – Boone, NC – TApp Room
September 21 – Chicago, IL – Bookclub
October 14 – Charleston, SC – House Show
November 10 – Appleton, WI – Appleton Beer Factory
December 22 – Indianapolis, IN – HiFi **Homecoming show – TICKETS

Lead Vocals – Connor McLaren
Acoustic and Electric Guitar – Alec McLaren
Bass and Drums – Ben Kweller
Backing Vocals – Connor McLaren and Ben Kweller
**Written by Connor McLaren, Alec McLaren, and Benjamin Kweller and published by Weed Funded Songs (ASCAP), Charity Chase Songs (ASCAP) and Twelve Sided Die (ASCAP)

the celestial voice of enny owl in “nicolette” weaves a legendary tale of channeling inner strength

the celestial voice of enny owl in “nicolette” weaves a legendary tale of channeling inner strength

British-born musician Enny Owl has cultivated a musical career of what could fittingly be called the musical version of the cottage-core aesthetic. Her songs feature layered vocal harmonies that echo in the mind long after listening and lyrics that enchant with the rawness of personal struggle“Nicolette”, the lead single from her upcoming Homes in Humans album, envisions Enny Owl as a spiritual guide for the listless soul of Nicolette, who searches for her own inner strength to fend off her enemies.

The soaring vocals immediately bring to mind a fairytale, with Enny Owl’s lead accompanied by lush harmonies. Strings and percussion in the background give depth to the soundscape, crafting a fantasy landscape through these familiar, Celtic-inspired timbres. The lyrics encourage the titular Nicolette to face her fears and “fend off dark forces”. “Nicolette” would fit snugly into a fantasy movie soundtrack, as the anthem for a determined protagonist who faces daunting tasks and dangerous enemies. In the words of Enny, “This song is about the fear of opening up after being hurt so many times before. It’s for the quiet and gentle-hearted. “Nicolette” is a reminder to be brave enough to find the strength and magic that was within you all along.”

The music video directed by Paula Crichton channels this fantasy feel to create a narrative, in which Enny Owl represents a “Spirit Guide” to the wandering Nicolette. Enny Owl sings in a forest glowing golden, surrounded by glittering magic. The beautiful costuming dresses Enny in a classic cottage-core look, donning puffy white sleeves, purple hair, and a tiara worthy of elven royalty. The character of Nicolette (Ariel Barber) wears a crimson cape, reminiscent of Little Red Riding Hood. Though, Nicolette is not taken in by the wolf. She confronts her hunters head-on, with Enny’s spirit as support. 

More magical narratives await with the release of Homes in Humans, set for November 3, 2023. Each upcoming song is based on one of Enny’s listeners, and they are sure to prove just as entrancing as “Nicolette”. Now based in Los Angeles, Enny Owl is represented by Weird Sister Records.

Let the spirit of Enny Owl’s voice enchant you!

curling’s “URDoM” is a soul-stirring ode to inner turmoil

curling’s “URDoM” is a soul-stirring ode to inner turmoil

A soft electric riff of a guitar atop steady beats of the drum… It is that awfully calming but lingering aura that really sets this unsettlement within me. A constant motion that desires more. Curling‘s “URDoM” wraps me in its embrace, and I’m overwhelmed by a torrent of emotions.

“URDoM” thrives in its ability to evoke emotions without explicitly stating them. The production elements, such as the subtle layering of instruments and the careful balance between instrumentation and vocals, contribute to the song’s immersive quality. The minimalist yet well-crafted approach allows the listener to interpret and connect with the music in their own unique way. The song’s musical layers are carefully woven together, allowing each instrument to contribute to the overall mood. Distant echoes and subtle reverberations, add depth to the atmosphere, immersing the listener in a reflective space.

Throughout the track, the dynamics build and recede, creating a sense of tension and release that mirrors the emotional rollercoaster the song portrays. The instrumental and vocal synergy reaches its peak during the climactic moments, eliciting a cathartic release that draws the listener deeper into the narrative. The composition’s aural palette leans towards a fusion of alternative and ambient elements, creating a space that is both introspective and ethereal. The instrumentation, consisting of subtle guitar work, restrained percussion, and atmospheric synth layers, works in harmony to evoke a sense of inner struggle and self-exploration.

In the end, “URDoM” isn’t just a song – it’s an emotional journey. It’s a mirror that shows me my own complexities, my own struggles. It’s a reminder that we’re not alone in our battles, that music can hold our hands as we navigate the stormy seas of the heart. Curling’s creation isn’t just a song; it’s a lifeline, a chance to find solace in the shared human experience. And as the last note fades, I’m left with a profound sense of connection, a realization that I’m not alone in feeling alone. 

North American Tour Dates
^ = w/ Nation of Language
8/11: Portland, OR @ Fixin’ To
8/12: Portland, OR @ Revolution Hall ^
8/13: Portland, OR @ Gloomhouse
8/14: Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theater ^
8/16: Grass Valley, CA @ Unchuch
8/17: Upland, CA @ Hyrule Temple
8/18: Oakland, CA @ Oakland Secret
8/19: Seattle, WA @ Central Saloon
8/20: Centralia, WA @ Space Place House

yonaka ascends to new heights with single “give me my halo”

yonaka ascends to new heights with single “give me my halo”

“Give Me My Halo” by Yonaka is a real gem of a song that hits you right in the feels. It’s all about finding your inner strength, breaking free from the shackles of your past, and owning your true self. It dives deep into the struggles and desires we all face on our journey to personal growth and self-acceptance.

From the moment the song starts, listeners are captivated by the pulsating rhythm. The melody rises and falls, creating a sense of anticipation and reflecting the emotional highs and lows that the lyrics delve into. It’s a sonic journey that pulls listeners in and keeps them hooked until the very end.

But the chorus, oh boy, it’s the heart of the song. “Let hell rain down on my life and allow me to grow. Burn away the parts you don’t like, I don’t care anymore. I wanna feel untouchable.” These words hit hard. They strike a chord deep within, stirring up a whirlwind of emotions. They express a desire to transcend the limitations imposed by society, to break free from self-doubt and insecurity. It’s an anthem of empowerment that inspires individuals to embrace their inner strength and stand tall in the face of adversity. 

The bridge brings it home with a beautiful metaphor. “When the tide comes crashing in and I’ve got nothing left to give, will you deem me fit to swim and will you water me?” It’s like asking for support when you’re at your lowest, hoping someone will believe in you and help you keep going. We’ve all been there, and it’s comforting to hear it put into words.

As the song progresses, the intensity of the beat and the emotional depth of the lyrics intertwine, creating a profound musical experience. The combination of Yonaka’s passionate vocals and the driving instrumentals evokes a sense of liberation and encourages listeners to embrace their authenticity.

In a nutshell, “Give Me My Halo” is a song that speaks to our inner struggles and aspirations. It’s about finding strength, embracing our true selves, and asking for support when we need it most. It’s a reminder to break free, rise above, and shine with our own unique light. So go ahead, crank up the volume, and let this song resonate deep within your soul.