LGBTQA rockers Carry Illinois announce their new EP Work In Progress which will release May 25th.  The band will hit the ground running with  show release on May 25th in Austin,  TX.  In the meantime, the indie-pop rockers have released their latest single off of Work In Progress “Runaway.”  “Runaway” dives into the synth-pop world of alternative indie with its electronic sounds.  The lyrics tell of an uphill battle between anxiety, body image, and internal struggles.  “When did you first begin to hate your body and your heart?  I was six or I was seven…wasn’t I too young to feel that way?” proclaims the track.  Diving into the chorus, Carry Illinois talks about the one thing that is familiar to them: “I know, I know how to runaway– I know, I know it’s not good to runaway.”

“Runaway” shows off a raw and open emotional narrative with no shame.  Inspiration for many of Carry Illinois’ songs comes from the loss of a close bandmate, John Winsor.  Frontwoman Lizzy Lehman explains this saying, “After John committed suicide in March of 2016, I decided that I no longer needed to shy away from the real struggles that I face. I decided that writing about it, singing about it, and performing with utmost strength and courage is what I need to do.”  The cathartic writing that Lizzy touches on is present on “Runaway” and the latest Work In Progress.  

Work In Progress is out May 25th. Keep up with Carry Illinois here.

Abby Trapp