Swedish musician Carissa Shockley has recently released her newest single, “Drink to Forget”. The track features her brother Meyta as well as rapper Brenden.

Shockley’s haunting voice gracefully guides listeners through a tranquil soundscape packed with compelling melody lines and soulful harmonies. Of the new song, she says “‘Drink to Forget’ was my way of coping with the mistakes I made or when I faced disappointment in the years leading up to finding my life’s purpose with restored mental and physical health. My hope is to connect with others that relate to the authenticity in this song”. A well-placed acoustic guitar under Shockley in a calm moment following the rap verse leads listeners into the final section of the song, which features a swirling sound design navigated by the talented singer.

“Drink to Forget” is now available everywhere for your streaming enjoyment.

Madi Toman

Madi Toman

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