Indie-pop/alt-rock act Cannibal Kids announce their new track “Voicemail”. This release is in anticipation of the band’s upcoming album deadheads, set to be released Feb. 21, 2020. 

“Voicemail” brings back some youthful energy to the indie scene. The surf rock influenced sounds come heavily from the band’s hometown of Florida. They channel the feelings of bright, sunny, and face-paced Florida to create songs like “Voicemail” with sensuous guitar lines and pulsating baselines.

Cannibal Kids write songs about love, heartbreak, and their reality. Most times the lyrical context is a juxtaposition to the beachy vibes of the instrumentation.

Keep up with Cannibal Kids here.

Kendal Chandler

Kendal Chandler

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Kendal is a Senior Communications undergrad who has been involved in music to some capacity over the last 2 years. Involvement includes working at a local underground venue, writing for a music publication, and working at her college radio station as the Music Director.
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