London based collective Brunch is at it again, having partnered with MadCap Industries to create and release the music video for their track “Swell”, which can be found on recent full-length release Useless. A mellow track, the video mirrors that thought as the guys chill, play music, and drink beer. It gives us a good glimpse into how Brunch runs a live appearance, and for that we are totally grateful since they tend to tour their home country a little more often than The States. But when the recreational ping pong table becomes a magic carpet and carries one of them around New York City, that’s when things get slightly interesting.

It also makes us wonder if it would be legal to drink and “steer” a magic flying anything, but who are we to judge?

UK Dates

20 Oct – Nottingham, JT Soar
21 Oct – Manchester, A Carefully Planned Festival
21 Oct – Sheffield, Delicious Clam
27 Oct – London, Birthdays
28 Oct – Brighton, House Show

2  Nov – London, Kamio w/Slowcoaches

Useless is out now via Hanger Records. Keep up with Brunch here.
Meredith Schneider