Austin based duo, Bronze Whale, who have gained popularity through a variety of originals and remixes, just released their first track of 2018 called “Exposure.” The duo, comprised of Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley, has been feature in Entertainment Weekly and have even had numerous number ones on Hype Machine. Not only does the duo write their own music, they also manage their own label, handle their own artwork, and mix and master each track.

At the end of 2017, Bronze Whale decided to head jack to Colorado with their team to crest a new, fresh sound which focuses less on lyrics and vocals and more on instrumentation. This concept is very apparent in “Exposure” which features a multi-faceted electronic blend, synthesized rhythms, and a looped vocal chop.

The song features Bronze Whale’s signature energetic vibes and variety of electronic pop elements. There’s a growing anticipation throughout “Exposure” as the song continuously build, adding small variations. Once it leaks, the instrumentation dies down a little bit showcasing a flawless transition between dynamics. Fans are bound to be impressed with “Exposure” and Bronze Whale’s versatility and creativity.

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Katie Pugh