Today, Chicago-based psych-pop outfit Bret Koontz & Truancy Club release the easygoing single “Lonesome Rambler” and its accompanying music video. A genre-bending project spearheaded by Koontz and rounded out by talented artists he’s met along the way – Crawford Philleo (drums), Jake Acosta (bass), Maria Jacobson (flute, vocals), Reggie Duncan (pedal steel), and Ben McFadden (keys) – Truancy Club has created a beautiful, down-home earworm of a track with this one.

“‘Lonesome Rambler’ is a song full of archetypes: ramblers, gamblers, rangers, strangers, and fools,” explains Bret. “It looks at the idea of becoming what you romanticize and how idealized lifestyles are unwittingly reshaped through that becoming. What’s left is an arrival point beyond recognition. The song’s propulsive shuffle outlines flashes of a transient life with spotty cell phone service and unreliable recollections. What’s been saved is bitcrushed on a hardware sampler and what’s been left behind is…unclear. A new major arcana for the modern loser.”

The music video depicts a traipse through nature, with elements that draw you into an interesting – at times hilarious – plotline. (We’re big fans of the Jar Jar Binks cameo, but that’s neither here nor there.) Enjoy the new track’s premiere, perfect for all of your late-night bonfires of the season, below.

Bret Koontz & Truancy Club are set to release A Sparkle Road Cult on November 18th via Earth Libraries.

Meredith Schneider