Coming out of 2017 with a wildly successful tour under their belts and hailed as one of the best up and coming bands of their generation, dream-pop band BOYS has released their first track of the year, “Hollywood.” Not only has this track already attracted listeners from all over the country, but this golden age group also has faithful fans throughout the United Kingdom. To add to this powerhouse of a band, members Ross Pearce (vocals), Mike Stothard (guitar), Kane Butler (guitar) and Dan Heffernon (bass) have already started to gear up for another line of performances on stages old and new.

“Hollywood” is simply an extension of the foursome’s already dynamic repertoire. Not only does it showcase all of the same sounds and tendencies that are so iconic to the songs they have released in the past, but they also bring a whole new energy. The experiences gained over the last year of touring and performing have only brought BOYS to a whole new level that is sure to propel them forward in the industry. In regard to their recent success the band stated, “Having gained new experiences and ideas from the time we spent in the US together, whilst there we started talking about leaving behind our lives in London and starting a new one in Hollywood, even if it wasn’t a realistic idea.”

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Madison Blom