Swedish musician Robin Lundbäck, musically known as Boy In Space, has released a new single called “Caroline”. The single has been highly anticipated by fans since Boy in Space teased it on tour last year.
The name Boy in Space itself is highly symbolic to Lundbäck, who uses his musical alter ego as a place to express his darker feelings. Of the moniker, he says “to be “In Space” is to exist in the in-between. It’s not quite the beginning but it’s so far from the end. It’s standing apart from those who’ve found their conventional fit in this world, and recognizing that to be different is special. It’s the courage to depart the familiar to a destination unknown. The “space” is the intensity of youth. The cold sting of heartbreak. The suffocation of betrayal. And the fiery passion of young love”.
The release of “Caroline” is Boy in Space’s first release in 2020 following up a big year in 2019 as he surpassed 35 million streams on Spotify. Of the single, Lundbäck says, “Caroline is that girl that you’re crushing on but is completely out of your league and untouchable,” Robin said noting that, “we all knew a Caroline growing up.”
“Caroline” is the first of three singles set to be released in spring of 2020 and tour dates are to be announced soon.

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