In order to speak about issues that are constantly being thrown in the faces of teens and adults throughout the world, rising indie band Black Moth Super Rainbow has created a new track that is truly a wakeup call to all those who seem to me in “ignorant bliss.” As with many of their other songs, this recent release is incredibly organic in a way that makes listeners stop and listen to what is being said as well as come to understand the economical and moral crisis that we find ourselves in today.

One aspect of this track stands out among all of the rest, however, and that would the their incredible skill in turning such a universal idea and represent it musically. Throughout the entire song, listeners and fans are able to enjoy the juxtaposition that inevitably happens when you take such a lovely thing and pair it with something incredibly lack luster. In their own words:

Here we are in 2018, inhabiting a tumorous wasteland with singed nerves and synapses fried from scrolling for far too long. This is what the fear sounds like in its most pristine form. The floral bloom and the toxic wilt, the sound of dreams and nightmares reaching détente, a ride through the void, where the fumes offer all the anesthetic you need.

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Madison Blom