L.A. four piece garage rockers Bird Concerns have just released their new single, “The Monster”, Comprised of Marcus Buser on bass, Jake Sucher and Travis Meador’s guitar and Cooper Wolken’s drumming, Bird Concerns also features vocals from all four bandmates. While they have toured the west coast, we are hopeful that Bird Concerns will soon be spreading worldwide. Bird Concerns brings freshness and authenticity to this rocking, yet easy-going track.

“The Monster” concerns everyone’s battles with their inner demons, and how we handle them.  With fantastic guitar and drums, Bird Concerns provides not only an instrumentally pleasing experience, but also some great (not to mention comforting) lyrics, like “you are not the monster inside your head”. Because “The Monster” concerns situations that many, if not most people go through, anyone who listens to it will be able to make a connection with the track. By being honest and vulnerable, while making such a subject approachable in a song, Bird Concerns has accomplished no small feat, and we are impressed. We’re looking forward to hearing more raw tracks, stunning vocals, and well-designed instrumentals from Bird Concerns.

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Veronica DeFeo