To say Bets‘ new album Future Color plays with dark and light like crazy would be an understatement. With each track comes a new feeling, some eery and inescapable, others lift your soul to a place you hadn’t been in a while. The entirety of the album – all 10 tracks – entices its listener to feel something, and that’s what we’re so fond of.

“Another Night” starts us immediately with frantic instrumentals, the first line “dance with me” coaxing us into a frenzy while “Out of View” slows everything down a bit and darkens the instrumentals to an eery octave fit for October. Third track “Left My City” is the perfect anthem for anyone who has ever experienced a slight thrill at seeing someone leave their immediate vicinity, be it a former lover, an old friend, or someone who was bringing you down a bit. While “Da Da Da” has an experimental, robot vibe to it while Bets speaks simple truths, “Maybe” picks everything back up again and reintroduces the playful, light side to her vocals.

“The Daylight Beside Me” is slow, comprised of acoustic guitar and Bets’ mesmerizing vocals. It’s easily one of our favorites, though we’d take an argument for “All I Want” as it picks up the tempo – and transforms our mood – within seconds. “Fear Of” lurches us back into the darker side of Bets’ work, her vocals more mechanical, though no less appropriate at a club in Manhattan after 2am. The instrumentals of “Tunnel Vision” belong first in an action movie, then perhaps in a video game. The lyrics will play on in your ears for a while, though “Gold” will be the one that sticks with you, the instrumental layering something out of a gorgeous dream and Bets’ vocals more of an audible kaleidoscope than anything else.

Future Color is out now. Keep up with Bets here.

Meredith Schneider

Meredith Schneider

Editor in Chief at Imperfect Fifth
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