Indie folk duo Belle of the Fall has come out with a new airy and luscious single that is blowing all of us here at Imperfect Fifth away. It features intimate harmonies and chord progressions that highlight the talent of fantastic artists Tracy Walton and Julia Autumn Ford. These two artists are able to weave together several different instrumental pieces alongside vocals that are all beautifully wound together. Lyrically, their music speaks to the public and tries to pierce the very heart of our society. Uncertainty, hardship and facing the unknown are all topics that humanity have to combat and this song, perfectly written, inspires the weary and mends the broken soul.

After having their start in the heart of Connecticut and being brought together to produce Julia’s solo album in 2014, this group has taken off and taken control of indie pop rock alternative scene. Although both of these artists wrestled with continuing as solo artists, they decided to form a duo and have since then found the success that they couldn’t have found apart. Now, more than 150 gigs later they are getting ready to release their next full-length album Rise Up on April 6. This duo is for sure headed in the right direction.

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Madison Blom