Denver-born, NYC-based electro pop musician Becca Krueger recently released her entrancing new single “We All In It”. The first single off her debut EP – expected out in early 2018 -, the song is quite the departure from the covers on which she established her career. But her wherewithal in the industry didn’t just stem from her studies at NYU, it came from years of experience at some of the most incredible venues on the east coast, as well as from the success of her first feature “Ceasefire”.

Becca’s lyric video for “We All In It” just premiered with PopCrush. Set over a dark blue, textured backdrop – something that beautifully resembles the night sky – the lyrics appear in a handwritten font while the patterns on the backdrop change ever-so-slightly. The song itself is tranquil, so the feeling that we are watching cloud formations change feels like the perfect way to translate this song into a visual. Becca’s vocals are low, raspy, ethereal in their delivery, and we know a voice has been developed that will help lead “the wounded hearts” to a serene feeling of camaraderie.

Keep up with Becca here.

Meredith Schneider