Alternative rock band Beard Bates just released their latest single “Lion Sheep Birds.”  The one man show is versatile as a singer, songwriter, producer, visual artist, designer, and author.  Like the title, the song is very unique.  It begins with a slow, eerie intro, creeping up on you until pleading vocals.  A lovesick song, “Lion Sheep Birds” weaves a story of remorse, regret, and memories.  “If I could go back, you know I would/I’d come back and save you from the horrible sting.”

Teetering between alternative rock and folk the track remains special in its own way and is inspired by Beard’s near death experience. “I almost died while scaling the wall of the Bronson Canyon cliffs in Los Angeles. I shouldn’t have been scaling loose rock walls in cowboy boots, but I was perturbed and in a rebellious state of mind,” Bates tells Buzzbands.La.  

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