Italian shoegaze musical act Be Forest – comprised of Costanza Delle Rose (Bass and vocals), Nicola Lampredi (Guitar), and Erica Terenzi (Drum, synths and vocals) – released their new full-length today, a swirling and intense collection of songs titled Knocturne. Beginning with the moody instrumental track “Atto I”, the soundscape doesn’t vary too much heading into “Empty Space”, though additional background vocals and reverb are layered in. By third track “Gemini”, you realize the soundscapes are all strikingly similar, and that you’re truly on an instrumental adventure that could not have been laid out – and taken as successfully – any other way. “K’ is most notable for its quirky percussion amidst the same whirring guitars and intense disposition as its predecessors.

“Sigfrido”, somehow, brings us into an even darker soundscape, making this work of art much moodier than Earthbeat, which came before it in 2014. This song belongs in a transformational film, and we’re backing that idea 100%. “Atto II” has the clear markings of its first, though definitely begins in a more mysterious place, eventually exploding into a cacophony of ominous sound.

“Bengala” has a much more noticeable 80s influence, the beginning bringing the mood back up slightly. It doesn’t altogether abandon the darkness, as there are guitar parts that simply belong on the Warped stage and iron out any feelings of overwhelming lightness we may have shifted into. We wonder most about the inspiration behind the track “Fragment”, as it is packed with finesse and strength, leading us perfectly into last track “You, Nothing” which simplifies the instrumental pace slightly, allowing us to really enjoy Costanza’s vocals.

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Meredith Schneider