After their fresh and nuanced first album, the indie-rock trio Bad Bad Hats are back with “Write It On Your Heart,” the lead single from their sophomore album Lightning Round, which is set to be released on August 3. Frontwoman Kerry Alexander delivers a sucker punch of a song. She pairs her pure vocals with defiant, edgy lyrics about the end of a relationship:

“Love was growing teeth
You were spitting blood
Write it on your heart, dear
You were never mine.”

The lyrics hold a personal significance for Alexander. “I haven’t always stood up for myself in situations like this,” she shared. “So this song is an ode to the version of me that does.” The lyrics’ realistic grittiness paired with the song’s softer instrumental tones from Chris Hoge and Connor Davison embodies the band’s sound – a balance of hard and soft, of pop and rock, of simplicity and complexity. “Write It On Your Heart” is a single that showcases their sound as well as their personality in an honest way. This is surely something we will see in Lightning Round, resulting in a new album that is bound to inspire and surprise their listeners.

Be sure to check out on their website for updates, and catch them on their summer tour.

Karina Marquez

Karina Marquez

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