love month

love month

Whether you’re all for Valentine’s Day, or you think it’s just a worthless holiday the greeting card companies made up to absorb your daily income, we’ve got the music for you here at Imperfect Fifth. But we’ve got a bonus… Staff Writer Kayla Hutton has provided us her very own playlists dedicated to everyone during this insane and short month. Admits Kayla of the curations, “Music for any mood, any reason, any season. I dug up the coolest of the obscure.” Check out the tracks below, a playlist dedicated to all the lovers, and one to the skeptics.

darkest hour, “enter oblivion” {video}

darkest hour, “enter oblivion” {video}

“Enter Oblivion” is the latest video from the melodic death metal band Darkest Hour. Singer John Henry directed the video that was shot in the Mojave Desert at a national natural landmark, Rainbow Basin. Known for being dry and desolate, the basin has awesome rock formations and fossil beds. The video shows the band playing and periodically shows a mysterious white cloaked man wondering around as if to be searching for something.
“Enter Oblivion” comes from the band’s 11th album, Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora, that was released in 2017 and was produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge). This D.C. based 5 piece has come a long way from where they started in 1995. Through multiple line up and record label changes Darkest Hour has really matured and while “Enter Oblivion” is not as heavy as what you’d expect it shows great diversity and still carries their melodic signature tone, double bass, and blast beats.
Over the past 20 years, Darkest Hour has risen up from the underground and just like Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, Darkest Hour has put their flag into the metal scene and marked their place as one of the driving forces behind what defines the true melodic brutality of metal.
Hitting the road Feb 16th Darkest Hour will be touring the east coast first and in April heading overseas with Cephalic Carnage. Check out the video for “Into Oblivion” and if you are serious about your metal and lucky enough that Darkest Hour comes through your town be there front and center and prepare for a lesson in brutality.

DARKEST HOUR w/ Whores, Extinction A.D.
2/16/2018 The Canal Club – Richmond, VA
2/17/2018 Arura Fest – Savanah, GA
2/18/2018 The Basement East – Nashville, TN
2/19/2018 Trixies – Louisville, KY
2/20/2018 Bogarts – Cincinnati, OH
2/21/2018 Emerson Theater – Indianapolis, IN
2/22/2018 Reggies – Chicago, IL
2/23/2018 The Loft – Lansing, MI
2/24/2018 Photo City – Rochester, NY
2/25/2018 Cattivo – Pittsburgh, PA
w/ Havok, Cephalic Carnage, Harlott:
4/05/2018 Kulttempel – Oberhausen, DE
4/06/2018 Musik & Frieden – Berlin, DE
4/07/2018 Hellraiser – Leipzig, DE
4/08/2018 Café Central – Weinheim, DE
4/09/2018 Nova Chmelnice – Prague, CZ
4/10/2018 Durer Kert – Budapest, HU
4/12/2018 Z-Bau – Nürnberg, DE
4/13/2018 Kiff – Aarau, CH
4/14/2018 CCO Villeurbanne – Lyon, FR
4/15/2018 Bóveda – Barcelona, ES
4/16/2018 Caracol – Madrid, ES
4/17/2018 Custom – Sevilla, ES
4/18/2018 Lisboa Ao Vivo – Lisbon, PT
4/20/2018 Totem – Pamplona, ES
4/21/2018 Secret Place – Montpellier, FR
4/22/2018 Petit Bain – Paris, FR
4/23/2018 Underworld – London, UK
4/24/2018 Voodoo Lounge – Dublin, IE
4/25/2018 Cathouse – Glasgow, UK
4/26/2018 Asylum – Birmingham, UK
4/27/2018 Zappa – Antwerp, BE
4/28/2018 Faust – Hannover, DE
4/29/2018 Backstage – München, DE
Keep up with the band here.
sollunar, “formation”

sollunar, “formation”

“Formation”, the latest release from Sollunar, shows the same song in 3 different versions. Don’t be confused, this is not a “remix” of the same song. It literally captures how the moment of inspiration from one base element can go so many different directions and produce a totally different outcome and feel.
Sollunar, defined as being influenced by both the sun and moon, has also given a great example of considering both sides of the coin when applying alternate techniques during production.
Josiah Bibb is the mastermind behind this instrumental masterpiece. Considering his Colorado Springs surroundings he has no lack of inspiration. “Formation”, in all its versions, will appeal to fans of Days of the New/Travis Meeks. Similar to Travis, Josiah knows his way around an acoustic guitar. Working the harmonics, demonstrating picking and plucking skills that are similar to the delicate approach of playing the harp. Given the slow to medium pace of  “Formation”, this isn’t a sad song by any means, it is the perfect setting for a meditative, introspective journey.
There is a theme with Sollunar that goes beyond the name. “Formation” joins Josiah’s prior releases “The Observatory” and “Collisions”. Notice the trend there?
While there is a theme, Sollunar doesn’t provide an exact direction.”Formation”  sets the stage for your individual perception to designate its path.

As an awesome incentive you can pick up “Formation” and it’s 3 alternate outcomes for just $1 via BandCamp.
the new breed of jazz alternative

the new breed of jazz alternative

Formerly known as The Reign of KindoKindo has resurfaced after 4 years with a new single “Return to me” from their latest album “Happy However After” set to be released in April of 2018.
This 6 piece from New York has shown that you don’t need a major label and their money to gain an audience.
Giving the fans a new spin of alternative jazz that is fused with R & B, pop and soul shows that just like topping off your drink, combining old and new, can create something truly refreshing. Not only have they innovated a successful sound, Kindo has also proudly been at the helm of all their recordings.
“Return to me” begins with a rainy day stay in bed piano line. The vocals give a strange appeal to the jazz-ish backing music. Imagine Lenny Kravitz being backed by a piano at a dim lit jazz club applying his pop-rock vocal style and later adding a high gain guitar riff. I am amazed at how Kindoimplements all these musical elements and how they compliment each other. “Return to me” at first listen is calming. Once it sinks in what the lyrics are about it is hard to believe this song is depicting heartbreak. Especially when some of the rhythmic grooves wake you up and influence your body to take the hand of the beat and swing. The atmosphere of musical freedom and exploration is definitely a spark lighting a flame rich with creativity.
Kindo will be touring the Eastern U.S. in March and is surely not a band you want to miss. If they aren’t hitting up your hometown be sure to head over and check out their prior albums which should tide you over until “Happy However After” is released in April.

Keep up with Kindo here.
krantz, “run away with me”

krantz, “run away with me”

While the band appears to be straight out of a 1970’s psychedelic acid flashback, Krantz comes from the unlikely place of Nashville, TN. Best known for country, honkey tonk, and the grand ole opry, Krantz has cranked out a college alternative rock song “Run away with me”.
With a musical structure similar to that of the Killers yet an experimental flavor of The Muse, you will find Krantz has added fun to the mix with “Run away with me.” It has a sweeping back and forth medium paced beat that is fused with group vocals during the chorus and a guitar lead that provides good traveling music that will make the vast nothing of the road seem more like a runway for liftoff.
While the song itself sounds as if clean-cut and serious college kids created it, you will understand the “fun” description once you see the branded panties for sale in their “Merch” or the furry pink jacket worn by their singer in promo pics. Yes, even seasoned adult musicians can captivate a listener without taking themselves too seriously and draw a crowd by making people wonder,”whats going on over there with them?”
 Like a potato chip, one song just isn’t enough to get the real feel for Krantz. “Run away with me” will spark a curiosity that will lead you straight through their SoundCloud playlist of music.
“Run away with me” is a catchy pop-ish alternative rock song, with softly sung parts that lead the way to an impressive strong note being held out while the guitar line answers back like a conversation between friends. The lyrical content begs to leave the cold weather behind and head out to a warmer location. I can’t blame them. I am here in Arizona and it’s 80 degrees of wonderful in January while the weather in Nashville shows a high in the upper 40’s. For all of you suffering in the bitter cold, time to pack it up with this hit the road anthem “Run away with me.”

Keep up with the band here.