disco shrine, “up in the air”

disco shrine, “up in the air”

Disco Shrine’s “Up in the Air” grooves hard with a catchy synthesizer/drum mix making it the quintessential song to add to any party or road trip playlist. The uplifting fluidity of the instrumental makes this the kind of song you want to swim in. It’s easy to get caught up in the energetic, electronic beat and disregard the lyrics when a song has such a free-flowing, feel-good vibe. However, the alluringly crafted lyrics of “Up in the Air” invoke the desire to delve deeper into what Jessica Delijani, the mind behind Disco Shrine, is saying.

“Up in the Air” depicts the struggle Delijani’s parents faced immigrating to America from Iran during the 1970s Iranian Revolution.

Delijani beautifully describes the song saying, “’Up in the Air’ paints a picture of them literally on their plane ride over to America, leaving the past behind and looking toward the future.” She continues to explain the symbolism behind the phrase “up in the air” and how it relates to the feelings of uncertainty and unexpectedness her parents were facing by uprooting their lives at the time.

Not only is this song rhythmically appealing with brilliant lyricism, but it also effortlessly and impeccably reflects the current situation in the United States.

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lady blue beard, picture of an elephant

lady blue beard, picture of an elephant

If you appreciate the sounds of The Beatles, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Rolling Stones, Lady Blue Beard is the newest band to add to your collection. Songwriter, singer, and guitarist Klaus Fischer immaculately creates a folk-soul sound with the band’s debut album titled Picture of an Elephant. He flawlessly combines speaking, mild scat singing, and whistling with modern rhythms to create a polyphonic pop sound that radiates vitality and raw musicality. The musicality of each instrumentalist is showcased in each song through guitar breaks and vocal riffs. Picture of an Elephant manifests a brilliantly cohesive sound with each song driving the next, sounding similar yet impeccably powerful on their own.

Lady Blue Beard excites listeners with the first track titled “Breaking Your Heart,” a catchy, high energy track that screams hit single. It has the perfect blend of memorable lyrics, melodious instrumentals, and foot-tapping beats guaranteed to subconsciously play in the heads of listeners for days. “Road to Heidenau,” the album’s fifth track, buries beautifully written lyrics among a vibrant melody featuring a loose, dance-worthy rhythm. “Nestling” is the epitome of cohesion, a song that begins with a lullabye-like energy and continues to grow throughout. A guitar break, scat singing, and the addition of the drums morph this song into an unexpected, energetic piece. The final seconds of the song illustrate the inner spirit of the band giving listeners a glimpse in the creative songwriting process; voices simply continue scatting on creating a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

The title song “Picture of an Elephant” features a euphonious guitar and vocal mix that is both unrefined yet soothing. The ambiance of street sounds, birds, and wind in the background adds a new layer of authenticity to the song. Soul is dripping from this simple, lyricless song that epitomizes the heart of Lady Blue Beard’s music at the core.

The final song, “Where the Blue Wind Grows,” supplies the album with a perfect resolution; taking qualities of each song to construct meticulous cohesion. It begins with delicate harmonies and somber lyrics yet picks up as drums and guitar carry the song in a new direction. The vocals follow suit with new intensity generating dynamic excitement. The final chords mimic the song’s opening as the ferocity slowly fades to a final few strums of guitar, magnificently bringing the song full circle

This album passionately embodies emotion and vitality through tranquil vocals and calming instrumentals while retaining an energy that leaves fans humming, scatting, and tapping along.

Picture Of An Elephant is available now. Keep up with Lady Blue Beard here.

denny white, “torn up”

denny white, “torn up”

“Torn Up” by Denny White effortlessly marries R&B vibes with futuristic synthesized beats. The layered textures of “Torn Up” instantly created an urge within me to move; without question I began nodding my head and swaying along to the uplifting sound.

White has worked with a plethora of notable artists including touring with Young The Giant, collaborating with OneRepublic’s Brent Kutzle, and penning songs for The Fray with Julia Michaels, Lukas Graham and Tiesto.

White’s warm, soulful, pop vocals coated over a smooth synth and drum mix draw listeners into the lyrics of the song which almost contradict the upbeat melody, adding an extra layer of complexity. This song flawlessly creates a bridge between yearning, anticipation, and hope.

“Torn Up” embodies a sense of vulnerability while effortlessly generating an infectiously catchy tune that grooves hard and gives any listener facing uncertainty feelings of promise and assurance.

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former faces, “forc# fi#lds”

former faces, “forc# fi#lds”

Cue raw, psychedelic vibes and soothing vocals with Former Faces’ latest single “Forc# Fi#lds” from their debut full-length album Foreign Nature. Vocalist and founder Ryan Parmenter explains the meaning behind the song stating, “it’s about letting your guard down and being wide awake to new relationships, ideas, and endeavors.” This description seems fitting as the groove-indie rock quartet was rejuvenated just last year when Parmenter added three new musicians to the band.

“Forc# Fi#lds” creates a groovy vibe within seconds of the music beginning; the first strums of the guitar are reminiscent of a classic 1960s indie anthem. Rock meets ethereality creating the quintessential tune for an epic adventure.

Parmenter also describes the song as “steeped in sentimentality,” which flawlessly depicts the energy emitted from a song that I feel is dripping in nostalgia yet somehow generates feelings of majestic escapades and explorations.

Former Faces’ first full-length album Foreign Nature is set to release in Spring 2018. Keep up with the band here.