Australian producer and house artist Husky dropped his new beat “Can’t Shake It Off.” He’s not alone on the track though. He has help from X-Factor artist Nat Conway and the song already has been remixed Alaia & Gallo and Mark Di Meo.

I’m a big fan of house music or as I like to call it “catwalk music.” What really makes a house track for me, is the tempo whether it be the consistency or inconsistency of the beats, the vocals (if there are any), and the ability to make you feel  relaxed or even “oh so fab.” Husky executes all these things with the assistance of Nat Conway’s sweet but sassy vocals. It is a song that will make you want to strut, a song that will make you want to roll your windows down, and a song that I’ve already played three times back-to-back (oops!).

Keep up with Husky here.

Abby Trapp