On August 31st, Dangerbird Records brought us a stunner of an EP to enjoy over the holiday weekend. Joel Jeronimo – aka Joel Jerome from the Los Angeles band DIOS and very well-known recording collaborator in the Southern California scene – and Jimi Cabeza de Vaca – aka Jimi Camaro, ex-member of DIOS – teamed up to create a three track mini album called Atlantis Airport 1982. A culmination of realism and fantasy – with a bed of synthesizers to frame it all – the album is pure otherworldly magic.

From the very first airplane-takeoff-sounding notes of “Atlantis” – which makes us feel like we are on an intergalactic spacecraft, if we’re being completely honest – to the slower, more tribal sounds of “Airport”, through to the last lines of far more experimental and jarring track “1982”, we’re smitten. In fact, we are given the impression by this album that we just went back in time to 1982, and hopped into their forward-thinking minds to their idea of the future, and then were spit back out again. It was a quick ride, but well worth it!

Meredith Schneider