Canadian artist Aphrose has just released a music video for “Move On”, which follows her debut single, “The Middle”. Known irl as Joanna Mohammed, Aphrose is based in Toronto. Influenced by a variety of genres and traditional music while growing up, she created her very own indie-soul sound. While she released her first EP in 2009, she rebranded herself as Aphrose (after her mother), dropped her first single under that name in June 2017 and has continued to the present.

Her new single, “Move On” is accompanied by a black-and-white music video that perfectly suits the track. It displays a group of women (including Aphrose)strutting their stuff to the beat of the song. The highlight of the video is, naturally, Aphrose’s vocals. Not only does the song have quality lyrical content, but Aphrose’s talent is outstanding. At first, it sounds like somewhat like Adele, but then the listener realizes there’s a whole other layer of individuality within the vocals. Aphrose’s crisp, bold, and unapologetic pipes are obviously well-honed and the video only serves to further embellish an already great song. You’ll want to check it out yourself!

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