Brooklyn based artist Andy Cook is bringing the chill vibes of the weekend to the work week for all of his fans to enjoy. Most recently, this artist has released a new single from his forthcoming EP, Modern Man entitled, “Run.” With undertones that resemble that of Jack Johnson and John Meyer, Andy Cook has the unique ability to produce music that allows listeners to escape to the world that he paints with his creative lyricism and dreamy soundscapes. Repetitious rhythms and drum patters lull listeners into a trance that becomes a safe place away from a world of high level stress and fast pace requirements. This is a feat that was highly intentional and considered during the production of this new single. In his own words Cook says, “These songs might mean something totally different to listeners than they do to me – but they mean something, and that’s what matters most.”

As an exciting new teaser that is essentially a precursor for his long awaited release of Modern Man, “Run” is a fantastic new addition to this artist’s repertoire. The full EP is scheduled to be released on April 13 and those who are following him on his social media outlets as well as fans all over the world could not be more thrilled.

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Madison Blom