Liverpool-born, London-based artist Andro is presenting a beautiful, unique, and soul-filled new sound for the world to hear. He has just released a third single, “Liar”. While currently a solo artist, Andro also spent three years touring with electro-funk group Jungle. He’s previously released “When The Alarm Calls” and “Afterlife”, along with self-directed videos for both tracks. As his name suggests, Andro (Greek for “man” or “masculine”) presents himself with an androgynous side, challenging stereotypes, and we are here for it.

Andro says of his new single:

I wrote Liar, totally premeditating a bond I knew would fail. And I was also grieving. It echoes the period when you’re yearning for nothing but intimacy and you feel you’ve been ladened with a lie after the breakdown of a ‘companionship’.

“Liar” is a yearning, emotive track that clearly displays not only Andro’s vocal control, but his creativity as well. Reminiscent of artists like Sampha and even the legendary Prince himself, Andro has an evident grasp of his sound and we can’t wait to see what he puts out in the future.

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Veronica DeFeo