Musician and media installation artist Amy Raasch uses her latest project Girls Get Cold to examine detachment and disconnectedness in a world striving for constant connection. Raasch and producer David Poe produced the album in her apartment, which lead to the use of a variety of usually unconventional sounds.

The title song, “Girls Get Cold,” has a mellow, delicate aesthetic and depicts boundaries in relationships. While her songs “Kitty Decides” and “Straight Boys” offer a more upbeat attitude with lighthearted lyrics. “Straight Boys” is a feminist anthem which describes modern day toxic masculinity. It’s catchy melody and humorous use of lyrics allows her statement to stand out. “We’re in an unprecedented moment” says Raasch of the song, “where men and women alike have a unique opportunity to re-examine their entrenched assumptions about relationships. I’m excited to be part of the cultural reset.”

Raasch’s use of cultural television and film references gives her songs and extra layer of relevance and pizazz while making them fun and exciting to listen to. Amy Raasch’s Girls Get Cold is the perfect blend of statement-making lyrics and catchy instrumentals.

Girls Get Cold is available now.

Katie Pugh