Amy Guess is no stranger to music, as she started her career at the age of 12 by moving to Las Vegas. She’s worked with producer Rusty Varenkamp which led  “Moonlight” to grab over 500,000 views. But “Moonlight” was just the start as Guess is a sought after collaborator in the EDM scene.

I love EDM, and what I love about Amy is that she not only has the beats in her music to qualify her as “EDM”, but she also has the vocals to carry herself into other genres making herself flexible as an artist. “Sorry” confirms this as it’s clearly personal with lyrics like “but how could I have been so blind” and “wish I could say I feel your pain”.  “We write our stories, we define our breaking point, no one can destroy in us what we refuse to allow them to. Only we hold those keys. Know your strength, know your worth, always keep your head high,” Amy says on her latest single.

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Abby Trapp