Alice Boman is no Alison Wonderland,  but her new single “End of Time” will leave you at the bottom of the rabbit hole.  The track is chilling and Alice’s gentle voice grabs you as she proclaims in the opening lyric  “I would take your pain…if I could, I would take it all, I swear I would.”  The chorus is equally as chilling with an old timey feel backed by a guitar and Boman stating, “Let me love you and I will love you, until the end of time.” 

I liked the song when I first heard it, but you have to watch the video.  In fact, I recommend listening to the song first, then watching the video for the full effect.  Directed by Jeanne Lula Chauveau, the video loyally backs the 70’s vibe the song deserves while making you contemplate if you can afford flying to Europe and saying good bye to a lover you’ll never see again.  For me, listening to end of time felt as if I needed to be in a lavender field while wearing a yellow dress as I proclaimed my eternal youth.  Alice’s “End of Time” is good all on it’s own, but an even better way to enjoy it would be with your journal and a glass of red wine. 

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