Indie pop artist Alexx Mack just released her latest single “Wine in Bed.” In the artists own words “Wine in Bed is about me learning that my coping methods were adding toxicity in my life and relationships,” says Mack. “I would drink and cross my fingers to feel better and almost every time I’d end up making another mistake. I thought that every sign was pointing to me needing to be alone, the truth was that I was pushing everything good in my life away.” Alexx Mack’s voice is haunting, but the message of the song even more so. Lyrics like “I’ll just smoke another cigarette, drink wine in bed, tell another lie I can’t forget” are intense and touching. Mack’s voice and execution almost makes “Wine in Bed” sound like a ballad, but hear it through and you’ll realize it’s an itching cry for help.

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Abby Trapp